Services are facilities that are essential for fulfilling Sims' needs. There are nine services: power, water, sewage, waste management, fire, police, health, ControlNet and drones. Initially when starting out, Sims will only demand few services, but reaching higher levels, more services are required to satisfy Sims' needs. Services can be divided into two types: services which increase your city's capacity to meet the requirements, and services which serve all residential zones within a certain range.

Each service type offers several facilities for you to choose from. These differ in Simoleon cost, dirty radius (a contaminated area caused by the service facility, such as the dirty radius of a coal power plant) and effectiveness (either capacity or range). More expensive service buildings are more space efficient, effective and have a greater coverage (if it is a service building with range).

If your city's demand exceeds the capacity provided by its services, then Sims will begin to move out, causing a decline in population. Additionally, if residential zones are not in range of the required service buildings, the inhabitants will also move out. The effects of failing to meet the service demands are shown in residential zones, with the effects corresponding to the inadequacy. For example, if a residential zone lacks fire service coverage, the zone will be visibly on fire. OMEGA services were recently release, and start by costing 10000 neosimoleon. The cost of these new services will increase by 10000 neosimoleon each time you buy one.

Power Edit

Power services provide electricity to Sims. It is a capacity service, and is the first type of service unlocked. Some power options have a dirty radius, and must be placed far away from residential zones so as to not affect Sims.

Wind power plant- 6000 simoleons, no dirty radius, provides for 6 zones

Coal power plant 4500 simoleons, 10x10 dirty radius, provides for 12 zones Deluxe wind power plant-15000 simoleons, no dirty radius, provides for 22 zones

Solar power plant-22000 simoleons, no dirty radius, provides for 35 zones

Oil power plant-15000 simoleons, 8x8 dirty radius, provides for 40 zones

Nuclear power plant-90000 simoleons, 12x12 dirty radius, provides for 60 zones

Fusion power plant-90000 simoleons, no dirty raduis, provides for 90 zones

OMEGA power plant-10000 neosimoleons, no dirty radius, provides for 100 zones

Things to note:

-When playing, there will be requirements to unlock each power plant except The wind power plant and the coal power plant.

Water Edit

Water services provide water to Sims. It is also a capacity service, and the second type of service unlocked. All water service buildings are clean and do not have any dirty radius, but this makes it one of the more expensive services.

basic water tower-6000 simoleon, provides for 9 zones, 1x1 amount of space taken

Water pumping station-45000 simoleon, provides for 55 zones, takes up 2x3 amount of space

OMEGA water tower-10000 neosimoleons, provides for 100 zones, takes up 1x1 amount of space

Sewage Edit

Sewage services deal with Sims' human waste. It is a capacity service. Two of three sewage buildings have a large dirty radius, and must be placed far from residential zones. The cleaner sewage treatment option costs a significantly higher price but has no dirty radius.

Waste Management Edit

Waste management services deal with Sims' garbage. This is another capacity service. The final waste management option has no dirty radius, but like the same option for the sewage service, costs a premium price.

Fire Edit

Fire services protect Sims' residences from fires. This is an area coverage service.

Police Edit

Police services protect Sims from crime. This is an area coverage service.

Health Edit

Health services look after Sims' wellbeing. This is also an area coverage service.

ControlNet Edit

ControlNet is a special service only required by futuristic OMEGA residences. This service is required for OMEGA homes to function and generate 'Neo Simoleons', a type of currency.

Drones Edit

Drones are another special service that only OMEGA residences need. These are an area coverage service that take care of fires, crime and health for Sims living in these zones.